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"I am a huge fan of this law firm. Charles and Greg have great legal minds and this was very apparent during the recent trial involving my company. A verdict in my company's favor was obtained due to the expertise and knowledge of both of these lawyers." —M.E., owner of IHOP

"Charles Clark and his associates were awesome and really believed in me and my case. We feel that it was instrumental in making a difference in the outcome. I have and would again recommend them." —J.L.

"I am grateful to all that you helped me accomplish, either with just the support that never wavered or the overall outcome of the situation. I truly feel that although I would have succeeded, I would have had a more difficult time than I have had, and for that I want to thank you." —L.S.

Case Summaries

This is a partial list of representative cases handled by Clark:

Oilfield injuries

Our law firm represents persons who have suffered injury or death in the oilfield.

As an example, our lawyers represented the mother of a young man who was killed in the oilfield when a drilling crew negligently dropped a large piece of steel on him. We sued the drilling company and the operator of the well for negligence and for providing an unsafe working environment. The case was successfully settled out of court.

Environmental claims

We represent landowners in cases where their property has been polluted because of the irresponsible acts of land developers, railroad companies, and oil and gas companies.

For instance, our attorneys represented several property owners whose land was damaged by water runoff and soil erosion caused by a land developer who failed to properly implement a storm water prevention plan. Our client's water was polluted and filled with unwanted sediment. The case was successfully resolved in favor of our clients.

Automobile and trucking accidents

The Law Offices of Charles H. Clark represents plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving automobile crashes. We have been hired by individuals and by insurance companies.

In representing our clients, we have obtained favorable jury verdicts and settlements for individuals who have been seriously injured or lost loved ones due to drunk drivers, reckless truckers, and negligent operators of automobiles.

Insurance Bad Faith

Our firm handles claims involving various types of insurance related issues and the wrongful denial of insurance benefits.

For example, we represented an intra-governmental risk pool that provided insurance to local governmental entities, such as counties, police departments, and school districts. The pool alleged that a company it had hired to administer claims resulting from on-the-job injuries had mishandled the claims and cost its members millions of taxpayer dollars. We tried the lawsuit, and the judge found in favor of our client.


The Law Offices of Charles H. Clark prosecute and defend many types of employment law cases and wrongful discharge lawsuits, such as cases involving the Family and Medical Leave Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, whistle-blower claims, and unlawful retaliation.

Our firm represented a client who managed a large retail store. She was fired while she was pregnant, and we sued the store, alleging unlawful pregnancy discrimination. The case was tried before a jury, and the jury found in favor of our client.

Product Liability

The Law Offices of Charles H. Clark is also called upon to represent victims of dangerous and defective products.

One particular case involved a young girl who ended up as a paraplegic after a lift gate latch on the vehicle she was in came open. This case was successfully resolved in favor of our client.

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